Monday, 21 November 2016

This week in tech 18th Nov 2016

An experiment and a challenge

'blog at least once a week reporting on the cool things that are happening with tech at IGBIS'

Not sure if I can maintain this or even get it done this week

Thursday I visited EYK and together we made bread using a bread machine. Their central idea is "Our Lives are interconnected with living things" They were talking about where bread comes from and Miss Deb thought it might be a good idea to show them that bread doesn't just come from a shop it is made from flour, water, super, yeast and salt. It was lots of fun

Tuesday the grade 2 students used Sonic Pics to record themselves reading their own stories. This is now a tool they will be able to / should be able to use again and again for any visible thinking activities. They are going to use it again very soon for more stories and reports

In grade 6 the students have been blogging and sharing their blogs with students from the Netherlands and Vietnam. I was in helping the students share their blogs and loved the content that some have included: film trailers, mind maps, tables and maps. 

In grade five the students created a talking science report by using Google Slides and Quicktime to make a screencast. They then uploaded them to Google photos and Youtube. Some students downloaded their original screencasts to an iPad then used Tellagami and Green Screen to add some special effects to their videos. Check out this one below

Blogger Junior has been set up for all the iPads in KG, G1 and G2. Hopefully now we can get the students blogging and uploading their work in a more consistent fashion.

A couple of weeks ago I visited the grade 3 classes to show them the sphero programmable balls and a couple of ways they could be used for Mathematics. They were studying perimeter so they seemed like a natural fit. There were lots of problem solving skills shown as well as heaps of mathematics.

The Spheros have also been used in the coding club and are a great way to learn how to code and to see the connection between what you do on an iPad or computer and the real world. The kids love coding an actual robot. 

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