Wednesday 10 February 2016

Book a tech coach

One of my priorities as a tech coach is to make myself available. Jut in time training is so much more valuable than just in case.

I manage to wedge myself into planning meetings, staff meetings, lunchtime conversations, corridor chats and spend lots of time popping into classrooms to see what the kids are doing. I have worked hard to be open and non judgemental when coaching. My easy going manner means that teachers are more than happy to chat to me in the staffroom or have me drop in on their classes.

I still need to make myself available for 1-1 coaching sessions, planning meetings, classroom visits or anything else a teacher may need. How do I do this?

I toyed with a couple of ideas, a Google Doc, appointment slots in a Google Calendar, finally I decided to use You Can Book me.

  • it integrates with Google Apps (log in with your Google Account)
  • appointments are sent directly to your calendar
  • the booking sheet automatically updates
  • you can set up limits on a booking time so you can have multiple people book the same time
  • you can set up times on your calendar to say when you are available
  • you can customise lots (emails, times, number of days to view, booking form)
  • It looks really nice and it is easy to change the look
  • it is free for the basic package (you can also get a not for profit education account)

It can be a bit fiddly to set up but I think the end result is worth it

Next I had to find a way to push it to teachers so they could easily find my booking calendar

I like these sort of resources to be available in multiple ways so my booking form can be found
  • There is a link on my teacher resources site
  • I include a link in the daily notices
  • There is a link on our teacher splash page
  • I have a link in my email signature

I am happy with the way the system is working, staff are using it (Teachers and Admin staff) and I know when people want to see me and what they want to do so if I need to I can prepare.

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